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The Beaumont Foundation began operation in 2002 and from its inception the Beaumont Foundation has pursued the mission of assisting underserved populations. The founding Chairman is Wayne A. Reaud, the visionary who created the Foundation. He was joined on the Board of the Foundation by Gilbert I. “Buddy” Low and until his recent death, Jon M. Huntsman, Sr.

Initially the Foundation helped bridge what was known as the “digital divide” separating those who could afford technology from those who could not. From 2002 through 2006 the Foundation partnered with the Salvation Army and Boys and Girls Clubs of America to put technology in the hands of families and children who had no other access. Each Salvation Army Corps center was equipped through a national eQuip for Success program while Boys and Girls Clubs throughout America were outfitted under Operation Connect. These two nationally successful programs set the mark for service organizations from coast to coast. Pilot public service and school programs were also conducted from California to Florida and from Texas to Illinois.

As the cost of technology decreased dramatically the Beaumont Foundation Board again sought to identify areas of special challenge and need. During this second phase the Foundation focused on health care, education, food banks and special assistance for children in foster care. In each area the Foundation has partnered with grant recipients to expand and improve delivery of service to “enrich lives and enhance futures.” It is a common misconception that nonprofit work is different, even diametrically different, from for profit work. Both are hard to do well, particularly over time. The Beaumont Foundation has always understood that it had a stewardship obligation not just to do good work, but to do good work well.

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