November 21, 2002 –
Waco Tribune-Herald, Written By: Terri Jo Ryan, Staff Writer
Some of Waco’s most disadvantaged students and their families will gain access to computers through the proceeds of a class-action suit’s settlement. Some $300,000 in computer equipment purchased with a grant from the Texas-based Beaumont Foundation of America was awarded Wednesday to three public high schools, a charter school and a community center during a ceremony at A.J. Moore Academy.

June 13, 2002Foundation will Help Educate, Put Computers in the Hands of Poor
The Examiner, Written By: Jerry Jordan, Staff Writer
Key figures from government, education and technology sectors from across the nation were in Southeast Texas this past week to meet with directors and staff of The Beaumont Foundation of America over how to put computers in the hands of less fortunate children throughout the country.

February 28, 2002Beaumont Based Charity Opens Its Doors
The Examiner, Written By: Erin Koenig, Staff Writer
With the opening of the Beaumont Foundation of America, disadvantaged school districts, charities and community organizations from around the nation will now be looking to Beaumont for help in bridging the Digital Divide — the trend in which affluent Americans are much more likely to have access to technology and its benefits.